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Books & Reference: Prairie Editions, Signed

Happy Centennial Saskatchewan, Poetry by David Bouchard, paintings by Hans Herold. (2004 Simple Truth publications, Regina). Hardcover, mint condition. Signed by both David Bouchard and Hans Herold.

Prairie Dreams, Courtney Milne, (1989, Western Producer Prairie Books) Hardcover, 125 pages. Excellent condition. Signed by Courtney Milne.

Prairie Gothic, Photographs by George Webber, Text by Aritha van Herk, (2012 Rocky mountain Books) Hardcover 192 pages. Signed and dated by George Webber.

All here books in this lot are signed by the Author.

Lot Name
Books & Reference: Prairie Editions, Signed
Books & Reference
3 books
1989, 42004, 2012
$80 - $105

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