Charles Comfort (Canadian 1900 - 1994), Dieppe Raid, Canadian War Museum Reproduction

Canadian War Museum Reproduction
image size: 11 x 18 inches, giclee
Notes: The is a reproduction from the original painting in the Canadian War Museum.
This piece of art depicts the Canadians involvement during the raid of the French channel port of Dieppe on August 19, 1942. As most of Europe was under German occupation the Allies wanted to see if they could capture an enemy port and hold it for any length of time as to get a foothold into Europe. This was a frontal assault of 6000 soldiers, mostly Canadians. This was a direct assault from the sea in daylight without any preliminary bombardment. The Dieppe port was especially fortified and responded with intense machine gun fire. Half of the attackers were killed and the rest evacuated or were taken prisoner. No objectives were really met during this raid and it ended in a total failure. But the Canadians were courageous in trying such a task and the whole thing offered valuable lessons for the future victories for the allies regarding port attacks. This piece of art shows the Canadian soldiers in the midst of making their way towards the German fort. The tanks would of been from the 14th Tank regiment from Calgary who were not very effective due to the timing they were deployed at and the rough terrain but were successful in helping soldiers escape. This artwork shows the bravery of these soldiers and the immense task they were up against. The painting of the Dieppe Raid is now located in the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario.
The Dieppe Raid, painted by Charles Fraser Comfort, was created in 1946. Charles Comfort painted it in The Studio Building, (his studio was next to the studio of A. Y. Jackson). This building was the earliest purpose built artist studio in Canada and had six studio spaces and a working shack in the yard. It is located at 25 Severn Street in Toronto, was designated a national historic site of Canada in 2005. The renowned group of painters, known as the Group of Seven, originated from this building.

Charles Fraser Comfort a distinguished Canadian painter was born in Edinburgh Scotland July 22, 1990. In 1912 he moved to Winnipeg with his family. Comfort began night classes at Winnipeg School of Art and then went on to study art at the Art Students League in New York City under Robert Henri. In 1923 he returned to Canada married then established a commercial studio. From 1935 to 1938 Charles Fraser Comfort worked as a commercial illustrator and a teacher at the Ontario College of Art and Design, he also taught at University of Toronto from 1938 to 1960. In the Second World War Comfort served in Europe as an official war artist; after the war he went back to teaching at University of Toronto and working as an artist. From 1960 to 1965 Charles Fraser Comfort was the Director of the National Gallery of Canada; after his term ended he resumed painting. During his time after the war he studied seventeenth-century Dutch mast techniques in the Netherlands, contributed articles to Canadian journals and published his war memoir. Charles Comfort was a member of many art societies including the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour, Canadian Society of Graphic Art, Ontario Society of Artists, Canadian Group of Painters and Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.

Lot Name
Charles Comfort, Dieppe Raid, Canadian War Museum Reproduction,
giclee reproduction
image size: 11 x 18 inches
painting dates from 1946

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