Gorodets Russia Folk Art, Portrait of a Russian Family

enamel on wood
8.5 x 5 ins
Notes: Signed (unable to decipher) and dated in lower left corner.
Gorodets painting is one of the most famous folk arts and crafts of Russia, and a vivid phenomenon of the so-called naïve art. Bright and laconic Gorodets painting (genre scenes, figurines of horses, roosters, and flower patterns) performed with free strokes of paint brush, with white and black graphic outlining, decorated distaffs, furniture, doors and shutters. Though Gorodets masters did not follow the laws of perspective and their designs were flat, painting always turned to be stunningly light and transparent. It is saturated with rich colours of Russian summer with its motley grass, and lit with bright noon sunlight, pouring on luxurious garlands of flowers and fanciful birds.

Nowadays Gorodets craftsmen have switched to oils and expanded the palette, and do not paint distaffs any more, but they keep up the traditional technology and use similar imagery and motifs in their works. These are decorative panels, caskets, boxes, various sets of kitchen stuff, such as hardboards, bread bins, saltcellars, etc., as well as children furniture and toys, including the most popular painted rocking horse.

Genre scenes give the main impression in the painting. Among the most popular themes there is merrymaking, tea drinking, the famous Gorodets horse with a horseman, and folk festivities. All these pictures are symbolical in character, utterly free and decorative in form, sometimes bordering on caricature.


Lot Name
Gorodets Russia Folk Art, Portrait of a Russian Family
enamel on wood
8.5 x 5 inches

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