History of the Hudson's Bay Co's S.S. Beaver, Charles McCain, Vancouver, 1894

hardcover book
99 pages
Notes: In fantastic condition for its age, a little wear on the corners.
A brief history of the Beaver, a pioneer steamer of the Hudson's Bay Company which played an important role in the history of the Northwest. Also includes a biography of Captain McNeill, and a chronology of developments in steam since its introduction in 1769. The book is accompanied by two examples of the commemorative medal "made of the copper fastenings from the hull and bronze portions of engines of the steamship BEAVER." One of the medals is affixed by ribbon to a card mount, with one page of explanatory text folded inside the mount, as issued. The other medal is loose. Interestingly, in the book, McCain describes his salvage operation on the wreck of the Beaver, and his utilization of the copper and bronze fittings for medals he had minted as souvenirs. Howes and Soliday indicate copies issued with the medal, but such was not always the case. A rare group relating to a famous Canadian steamship. HOWES M26. EBERSTADT 106:196. SOLIDAY B939 (with medal). SMITH 2281.

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History of the Hudson's Bay Co's S.S. Beaver, Charles McCain, Vancouver
hardcover book
99 pages
$800 - $1000

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