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Nedeljko Jovanetic (Canadian 1940 - 2018), Claire, 2002

acrylic on canvas
24 x 18 inches
Notes: Signed in the upper left corner. The piece does not bear a title, however the consignor of this painting was a good friend of the artist and told him the subject matter and title come from his boxing days.
Nedjo was born to Obrad Jovanetic and Budimka Perisic on January 13th, 1940 in Titovo Uzice,Yugoslavia (now known as Uzice, Serbia).

He enrolled in a private art school and then studied law at University of Belgrade until the war caused him to leave his home. He found his escape through boxing with a traveling circus across Europe.

Nedjo then decided to leave Europe, and immigrated to Vancouver, Canada with his sister Radomirka. While living in Vancouver, Nedjo worked in hotel management, and this is where he met his wife Anness Rope. Together they had three beautiful daughters and lived in lions Bay, until they bought the Pacific Hotel in Greenwood BC. While Nedjo and Anness first ran the hotel as a restaurant, Nedjo then fulfilled his lifelong dream of transitioning the hotel into his own art studio and gallery, where he painted until his retirement in 2015. His artwork can be found across Canada.

Lot Name
Nedeljko Jovanetic (Canadian 1940 - 2018), Claire, 2002,
acrylic on canvas
24 x 18 inches
$500 - 550

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