Photograph of CN 6218, (copyright Rail Fare)

Steam Locomotive 6218 was built in 1942 at the Montreal Locomotive Works. Fast and powerful, such Confederation or Northern type locomotives represented the pinnacle of steam locomotive design and helped to literally pull Canada through World War II and beyond.

CN 6218's career saw it travel the rails as far west as Winnipeg and as far east as Halifax. CN 6218 also saw service in the Niagara Peninsula and even to White River Junction in Vermont before being retired from revenue service in 1959.

In 1963, this grand locomotive's superb design and reliability made it the natural choice to power Canadian National's popular steam excursion service. The last steam locomotive to be refurbished at the railway's Stratford facility, CN 6218 then traversed Canada and the USA, hauling thousands of rail fans and history buffs. It became one of the most photographed locomotives of all time and was the last coal fired steam engine to be run by the Canadian National Railway.

Retired from excursion service in 1971, CN 6218 quickly became the subject of struggle between several municipalities, all of whom wished to become the final home of this historic engine. Fort Erie realized this goal when CN 6218 came to Fort Erie in 1973. The locomotive has been the featured attraction at the Fort Erie Railroad Museum since that time.

Today, Fort Erie has completed the first stage of a costly and elaborate restoration on the engine.

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Photograph of CN 6218 in the 1950's, (copyright Rail Fare), photograph,
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