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4th Meridian’s Online Auction FAQ

How do I register to bid?

Click Here to register to bid, it’s free to signup

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Click here to read the terms and conditions.

When does the online auction end?

The auction ends at the time indicated in the auction description. Our online auctions will generally run for a maximum of 15 days.

What is the automatic bidding extension?

If a bid is placed in the last 2 minutes of the auction the auction will automatically be extended an additional 2 minutes (the “anti-snipe” function). This will be repeated until no further bids are placed in the final 2 minutes.

How do I set up an online bidding account?

Please go to our bidder registration page here (also found on the upper right of any bidding screen). If this is your first time registering you will be asked to provide complete contact information and register either a Visa or Mastercard on the sign up page. If you have previously registered you need to login here (the login button is also found on the upper right of any bidding screen).

How do I bid?

Each lot in the auction has a clearly marked bidding window.  Once you are registered there are two ways to bid:

  1. Indicate the maximum amount you wish to bid in the window where indicated and click on the “Place Bid” button. You will be taken to a confirmation screen that will ask you to either “Confirm Bid” or “Cancel Bid.” If you have not yet logged in you will be asked to do so in order to confirm your bid. Please note that by confirming your bid you are entering into a legally binding contract with 4th Meridian’s online auction to pay for your successful bids plus the applicable buyer’s premium and taxes.

  2. Bid in real time as each lot is closing. You need to bid, and confirm your bid, for each increment that you are advancing. You are taking the same steps as in the method above, but are not disclosing your maximum.

How much should I bid?

You may indicate a “top limit” — the amount to which you would bid if you were attending an auction in person. In effect, the software will hold your bid in confidence and will bid on your behalf, against competing bids, according to the published increments up to the amount you are prepared to bid. For example, if the current high bid on a lot is $50 and you are prepared to bid up to $150, our software system will accept and implement your first bid at $51. If another bidder then bids $ 52, our system will automatically submit a bid of $53 on your behalf. If there is no additional bidding, then you will be successful at the $53 hammer price (plus 15% buyer’s premium).

What are the bidding increments?

Bidding begins below the low estimate and will advance in the following bid increments:

up to $99 — $ 1
from $100 to $200 — $ 5
from $210 to $500 — $ 10
from $500 to $1000 — $ 20
from $1000 to $5000 — $ 50

Can I place an absentee bid?

By indicating the top amount you are willing to bid in the box indicated, that is in effect the same as placing an absentee bid. If you do not wish to register and bid online, please contact us to make alternate arrangements.

How can I see all my bids?

Log in to your bidder’s account by entering your username and password.  You will see a “member’s area” that contains your current bids, your bid history, and your bidder information.

Do I need to refresh my web browser during bidding?

It is recommended that you refresh frequently if you are watching the closing moments of particular lots you are interested in.

How do I know the auction is over?

The clock on a currently refreshed online auction page will have stopped and a message will indicate that the auction is now closed.

I am the highest bidder.  What do I do now?

Congratulations! You will receive a notification by email, or a telephone call, within 48 hours of the close of the auction.

How do I complete payment for my purchases?

According to the terms and conditions of the auction, bids will be processed according to the credit card information provided at the time of registration. If alternate payment arrangements are required this must be made explicit to 4th Meridian within that 24 hour period.  Once payments are processed you will receive an emailed receipt.

How do I pick up my purchases?

The purchaser must collect the purchased lots from 104 – 1475 Fairview Rd, Penticton, B.C. within 5 days from the date of the auction sale.

Can you ship my purchases to me?

We are happy to pack and ship your purchase. We charge a shipping and handling fee plus insurance, either by Canada Post or Greyhound. Prepayment is required before shipping.

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