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Talking to Okanagan Potter, Gillian Paynter

Gillian Paynter, Okanagan Themed Vase and Plate

4th Meridian is pleased to offer two pieces of Gillian Paynter’s work for auction this month.

Gillian Paynter was born and raised in West Bank, BC, (now West Kelowna), working in the local orchards and her family fruit stand. After art school she returned home to set up a pottery studio, where she has turned out work for three decades. I recently chatted with her at the OKA show in Mission, Kelowna. We spoke of her love of the area, the land, orchards and pottery.

“I worked in white clay and the tree and ladder design the early 1990’s, it just felt very Okanagan to me. My family were orchardists and those scenes come straight from my memories of working summers in our orchards and fruit stand.”

The two pieces 4th Meridian has for auction feature a muted palette; the blues and green of lake and trees contrast harmoniously with the deep red apples on old-school trees that you still need those tall ladders to reach. Across the lake, an unmistakably Okanagan mountain sits, looking warmly familiar. Giant’s head? Okanagan Park?

These days Paynter is painting on red clay. “Red clay gives my work an Italian or Tuscan feel.” Although the vibe may be Italian, the imagery is still classic Okanagan.

Paynter studied at the Kootenay School of Arts in Nelson, BC with Walter Dexter and Francis Hatfield. When she returned to the Okangan Valley she started working at Thomas Dendy’s studio in Kelowna.

November 30, 2017


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